“I thought you were just the phone people?”

I hear that with almost every current, or potential client that I get to chat with. “We don’t have any tele needs right now.”  Yet most of these people are frankly surprised by my response of “Fantastic, but did you know what other solutions we provide?”


We all know to stay relevant, companies proactively go through changes from what the industry has originally thought of them to be. Just as Microsoft is no longer just a company about Windows or Office, Amazon is not just about books – they each undergo fundamental change and are now leaders in the cloud computing space apart from their initial bread and butter offers. They still provide those core services, but they also aggressively embrace the disruption and move, ergo lead, to newer ways of supporting clients.

A quick personal history lesson as it’s been a fun ride thus far. I remember my start date at CSG on July 28th, 2008 very clearly. I was 24 years old and came out of a bullpen style recruiting gig downtown Seattle to land myself a vendor role with Microsoft as an account manager role supporting small businesses, (specifically “SBSC Partners” for those of you in the know,) where I had a landline, headset and 500 company names in my custom user interface. While the SBSC is no more and the company is 100% cloud based, having a good insight to the way the channel has behaved in the past sure does give you some insight on the best ways to support it going forward. Integrating channel, sales, resources and on-demand marketing strategies in one place is where I would place my bets. Clients would have one main contact, one custom campaign CRM to capture all effort, and CSG can provide easy ROI calculations for their clients to run up the flagpole to show their success. I like working in a place that doesn’t have a bunch of red tape, and can work together closely to make quick decisions and be agile to tailoring our most effective offerings to what’s hot on the current market.

In addition to our common, historical lines of business, other programs are now being discussed in our weekly staff and sales meetings. Reviewing our current creative collateral, one pagers and infographics instead of sleepy old slide decks, innovative ways to handle partner and customer coverage at scale, tracking leads to actual verified revenue of your up and coming customers in the client’s own CRM system – these are the things that change cadence meetings into ROI meetings. Leave the conversation of “influenced” revenue behind and let’s talk about actual closed revenue that our current teams are producing for you.

The bottom line, TL/DR answer here? Combining multiple marketing motions will lead to better program results in the long run. Don’t just call, set those calls up for success with targeted email and profiling before hand. Don’t just set appointments, follow-up and close the revenue loop. Don’t just call, but market.

Coming from a recruiting and staffing background, most firms charge 20-30% of the first year salary for a placement. We look at it differently and work directly with you in a cooperative manner, instead of a potentially predatory, exceedingly pressured and for-profit model (I guess no recruiting firms will be headhunting me soon…) We look at our recruiting and staffing as a way to build trust and relationships before talking about other ways to assist your customers and partners. Our marketing services are offered hourly, on-demand so we can help with all, or just parts of your campaign. Instead of lengthy statements or work and change orders, we work with you to offer our services on-demand in a way that makes sense for you.

Then there’s all the other solutions. If you’re unfamiliar of how we do what we do, please reach out to me or feel free to take a look at our recently refreshed website,www.csgservices.com as I’m curious what you think.

They say it’s a faux-pas to try and sell on LinkedIn, and that you’re supposed to “help” instead. If this thinly veiled advertisement disguised as recommendations of best practices doesn’t meet that mark for helping, then so be it. I prefer to look at other bits of advice. Here’s one from Don Draper, of TV’s “Mad Men”, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” Hopefully this helps do that.

Now that we’re not just picking up the phone, we’d like to say hello again.