The Importance of Content Marketing

Marketing is generally aimed at the acquisition and retention of customers. Content marketing is no different. The difference is that content marketing does not focus on acquiring/retaining customers through the direct marketing of product offerings. Rather, content marketing focuses on building customer trust by offering valuable information on industry trends, solutions to problems and key insights.

By providing relevant and engaging content you can elevate your brand to a trusted resource. Examples of content marketing are:

• Blogs
• Podcasts/Videos/Presentations
• Newsletters
• Whitepapers/Case Studies
• Infographics
• Webpages

If you want customers to seek you out as an industry leader, you need to make sure your content adds value. You must remember that the goal of your content is to build a relationship with your customers, not to sell them anything directly. Rather than create a podcast on the new office chairs available for 2015; you would create a podcast on the new updates in chair ergonomics and the benefits to employees and employers. Remember to educate – not sell.

When building your content marketing strategy, ask yourself what information your customer needs to grow their business (and therefore buy more from you). For example:

• What pain points do my customers experience?
• What new industry trends are evolving?
• What tips and tricks can you share?

Content marketing allows you to develop your website as an information destination. A rich library of content can also support your lead nurturing efforts. Additionally, content marketing can contribute to your SEO efforts through natural inbound links and provide content for your social media efforts.

The biggest challenge for content marketing is dedicating the time and resources to creating consistent and engaging material. But, content marketing is important enough to that it should become a major component of your marketing strategy. Your customers are always looking for ways to better educate themselves and build their businesses. You want to make sure they look no further than you for that information.

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