Step Away from the Sales Pitch!

Today’s market is saturated with one sales pitch after another.  How do you gain that edge, how can you be more productive?  First and foremost, stop selling your product and company!  Yes, that is right I said stop selling your product and company. Today it is not about selling but rather about building a relationship. Discovering how the products you support will help your customer save time, increase productivity, and be cost effective for their company needs.  However, before conversing about your supported solutions,  get to know your customer. Sell yourself as a consultant, a business partner who is there to help your customer discover benefits of the solutions you support.

With a market saturated with so many different solutions and more sales people we dare to think about, decision makers want someone they can trust, someone who will be with them during the process and can go back to in case additional help is needed. They want a partner not a sales guy. I see this a lot in the cloud solutions space.  Very rarely do I introduce a product or solution in the first conversation I have with a customer. I utilize this time to engage and get to know my customer.  I want to understand their business; where they are and what are their goals.  I also want to learn about how they are standing out with their competition and what solutions they are using to reach those goals. It may be that the solution I am supporting is not optimized for what my customer needs are but can I find or help them find a solution for them. This conversation is crucial, and just by listening, and having a true conversation will break many Sales barriers.

The number one question I always ask all of my clients is what do you like about your current solution? I ask this because I want to see how they are currently using their solution, better understand their business needs, and to find the features they really enjoy. In addition, 9 out of 10 times the customer will also spend more time (without me asking) explaining what they dis-like, open opportunities , and issues they face. I of course capture this info- so I can use it when I am speaking about the supported solution I will be discussing.  This is how to successfully build a relationship!