Product Evangelists: Help your salesforce achieve SME status and close more deals.

CSG has been providing professional sales services to a wide array of businesses in the past 2 ½ years as a component of our product evangelist teams. Since October 2012, we have been the go to experts for large enterprises deploying Office 365.

“Our main focus as product evangelists is to help your business grow predictably by directly cultivating your salesforce into Subject Matter Experts.”

Once we’re engaged, we break down our reach into THREE main components.

1. Proactive Enablement
2. Proactive Training
3. Reactive Help

Proactive Enablement
Share with us the opportunities you want help with and we will reach out to the opportunity owner and offer our support. We have found that the Top-Down method has been the most successful because when your management can sign-off on it, they can get their reps to sign-off on it too. This enables and empowers your sales force to go out and start selling. We load a listing of your sales into our custom-built CRM and our SMEs will then proactively call down the list starting with management, working down to Technical Overlays and finally all the way to the individual reps.

Proactive Training
Our SMEs can also create, develop, and deliver content, training, and roadshows to help bring your sales force up to speed quickly. Have a call center? We have SMEs who specialize in high-level training specifically for call centers. Are you International? We have a large network of SMEs across the globe to cater to your individual business needs.

Reactive Help
Being mobile, flexible, and always on, our SMEs are a truly reactive source for your sales reps. We want to be there when your sales rep gets a hot lead and needs to move quickly. Our Cloud Technologies enable our SMEs to be available when your reps need us.