Changing All the Time: How to Keep Up with the Evolution of the Channel

On 4th of July at one of those patriotic parties you make casual small talk at, I found myself having the conversation again about what exactly I do for a living. It’s a tale as old as the high tech software channel sales model itself. I work in technology but I won’t fix your computer. I work in sales but I do not sell to end customers. I am passionate about my client’s business but I am not a full time employee. This is the plight of the contract channel management professional!

I’ve worked at CSG Services for 12 years now. I’ve done everything imaginable to support the sales channel for our major clients. I’ve made 300 calls a day to promote an in-person learning event for technology professionals. I’ve called on value added resellers who disengaged with the partner program and talked them back into the program, supported them in attaining new designations within the program and earning incremental benefits along the way. I’ve evangelized the newest technology to independent software vendors, promoted certifications and higher tiers of partnership. I’ve provided go-to-market support, licensing guidance and delivered content in one-to-many webinars promoting new opportunities in cloud computing. More recently, I’ve contributed content to marketing collateral to be distributed by channel partners at trade shows, with online and tele-support options at the ready.

As my career has developed and grown, so has CSG Services. 300 calls a day is a distant memory for me, yet still happens at our Bellevue Operations Center supporting some of our programs. Just as our clients, their partners and the way we communicate with the channel has matured, we have followed suit. Gone are the days where we spend months planning and coordinating a 12 month campaign with numerous vendors, now we need to be quick and get in front of the channel partners fast.

CSG Services can streamline your campaigns, offer you a one-stop-shop for marketing, awareness and analysis of your campaigns. CSG Services can assist you in creating the concept for your marketing material, crafting the message, coordinating the bill of materials for you campaign, target the right audience, provide highly skilled representatives to answer the calls when the channel needs support and reach out to recruit new partners into your programs. From start to finish, CSG Services provides business intelligence to ensure your campaign will see results!