Ever heard of the term artisan?

Sandwiches, spices, socks – just about anything can be labeled with this moniker these days to show how it’s different from the rest, the mass produced, the basic version. Here’s the official definition per Webster,” Made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients”

When thinking of your clients and customers, it makes sense to represent your product in an artisan fashion. We believe the same thing and wanted to share our own secret sauce for our “360-degree Event Management” solution that has supported both SMB and enterprise events all over the globe.

Like any high-quality product, there’s a few ingredients you’ll need to pull this off. Below you’ll find the item, as well as suggested usage of it. Think of it as a cookbook type format to keep with the Artisan theme.

  1. Marketing Manager

This is the primary contact that will create collateral, scripting and manage the infrastructure and resources that we’ll describe below. The marketing manager will secure the appropriate catering provider, and need to be in touch with the venue site to ensure rooms are booked, site A/V resources are available as well as make any special arrangements with site security via providing confirmed attendee registration lists.

2.  Landing Page

Welcome potential attendees and showcase details about the event. Use existing corporate approved branding and logos from either your own, or client’s own marketing department to ensure brand consistency.

3.  Registration page and associated database to capture registration data

Use a tool that you can customize data capture points. Remember form design here, don’t sacrifice potential attendees by trying to capture unnecessary data. Only capture the most relevant information.

4.  Tele resource to call potential attendees

Utilizing an actual person call and invite you to an “invitation only” event is the most effective way to fill the room. We recommend these demand generation calls begin 30 days prior to your event date.

5.  Email invite designed and sent out

Bonus points if you can track your open and click rate and pass those leads to your tele resource in a short period. We call this “Inquiry Response Management”.

6.  Event reminder calls and email

We understand people get busy. By placing a highly recommend reminder call 1-2 days prior to your event, you’ll maximize your day of attendance and reduce fall-offs. Be extra personal on these calls with your registrants first name to remind them that your organization is saving a spot just for them.

7.  Day of concierge

Let your presenters focus on their content and your attendees. This resource will travel to your event and make sure everything that’s planned to happen does happen. Having on-site resources to work with security and catering ensures a seamless, stress-free event.

8.  Post event follow-up

Sending both “thank you” emails as well as “sorry we missed you” emails post event leads to greater uptick in your CTAs.

Creating online only events and sending off a few emails to drive attendance is a fast food approach to event management. Remember that quality events are handmade and take time to produce a premium experience. Learn more: https://csgservices.com/solution-event-management/

PS – artisan sandwiches always contribute to a good event 🙂