Solution Marketing – a Customer Centric Approach

Solution marketing is not focused on a particular product offering. Rather, it speaks to a comprehensive business solution- aligning products and services to solve for a problem. The focus is on the customer and how the provided products and services provide a remedy to their business challenges. You are marketing the problem you solve for, not a product.

Solution marketing is most effective when campaigns are designed from the customer’s perspective. This takes an understanding of customer pain-points and which of those solutions provided by your company.   To truly provide complete solutions, companies often partner to offer a package complementary products and services.

Marketing of solutions can be more complex than the marketing of products. Thought leadership is integral to demonstrate the unique solutions that your company can offer and case studies, videos and white papers are often used. The following questions should be considered as you develop your solution marketing content.

  • What problem are prospective customers experiencing?
  • Have you demonstrated success in solving for that problem?
  • What combination of products, services and partnerships do you offer to support customer challenges?
  • How can the prospect engage with you to develop solutions to their problem?
  • What is unique about your solution to those problems? What value do you provide?

Solution marketing can change the way you think about your product offerings and how they relate to your customers. An increased understanding of customer problems and how your business provides needed solutions can help you become a trusted advisor to your customers.



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