Channel Growth Strategy


  • How do you keep your products and services top of mind in all your partner sales motions?
  • Are channel sales flat even when providing strong competitive products and services in the market?
  • Are your competitors building stronger relationships with your partners?
  • Do your partners utilize your marketing material?
  • Would you benefit from identifying and lifting up your hi-po partners?

Most organizations do a great job managing their top tier partners through FTE field or inside sales groups but
don’t have the scale to cover their Tier 2 partners. Coverage is attempted by providing a partner portal or email
campaigns but the problem with this approach is the sheer volume of information flowing to your partners from
both you and your competitors.


Above are some of the common challenges facing organizations today. However, there is a great opportunity to
drive more channel revenue by investing in coverage for your up and coming partners. Activating and nurturing
your partners at all levels is imperative to achieving a healthy channel ecosystem and drive real value from your
partners perspective. In this market more and more suppliers are vying for mindshare and gaining trusted
partner status with your channel drives proven results. Providing tele based coverage to a select group of your
partners results in increased channel revenue with proven ROI. CSG has worked with the largest names in tech
providing these kinds of services with recognized methods and results.



CSG begins with a discovery session to better understand your partner channel. How many partners do you
have? Which are managed internally? What revenue growth have you seen within your channel? From there we
will work with you to identify a group of eligible partners within your channel that would benefit from this type
of program that are not currently FTE managed. Within this population a segment will be flagged for proactive
program coverage.


CSG utilizes effective resource to partner ratios to cover large groups of partners at a ratio of approx. 1:250
(varies on partner attributes size, etc). Introductions are made and resources will begin to analyze their portfolio
of partners finding those most interested in building a relationship. Once relationships are in place your CSG
team will provide management both proactively through regular outreach and reactively acting as a go to
resource for partner support. The team will focus interactions with your partners around marketing motions,
competitive assistance, licensing guidance, incentives in market and presales support. 

In order to precisely measure results baseline revenue of the entire population must be tracked, preferably over
the trailing 12 months. Take a snapshot of revenue as it stands today and track how it goes throughout the
campaign. Compare your campaign partners with the rest of the ecosystem providing results in both real dollars
and percentage of growth. Effectiveness of the program is very easy to discern when measured against a similar
group of partners not covered with typical results of 20%+ partner growth rate vs. single digit growth on
non-managed partners.

While the final result is basic ROI determined by revenue growth/program costs, CSG tracks a significant amount
of data to provide leading indicators; pipeline creation, partner satisfaction, partner feedback, adoption of
marketing materials/campaigns, engagement levels and any other metrics helpful to our stakeholders. CSG can
provide scorecards and interactive dashboards directly accessible to our stakeholders in real time.

Track the revenue growth to your organization and assess it against the overall channel program cost. 10x? 20x?
We’ve regularly seen returns even higher. Would you invest approx. $30/month/partner for double digit growth?
Can you afford not to?